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"In our industrial gas business, the major challenges ahead include currency fluctuations, volatile local economies around the globe, and changed customer needs. These factors can quickly turn prosperity into problems and vice versa. The Irresistible Growth Enterprise defines the flexibility one needs to turn all of these uncontrollable events to advantage."

-- H. W. Lichtenberger
Chairman, Praxair

Do you want to get more irresistible growth sooner?

One solution to that problem is to ask the book's authors to help you.

Mitchell and Company offers a variety of ways to help you generate many more growth solutions. These options include answering your questions, providing leads to best practice companies and organizations, helping identify the ideal best practice in an area, providing training to those in your organization who will be developing solutions as part of your team.

If you would like assistance in any of these ways, please contact us.

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