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Don Mitchell and Carol Coles would like to listen to you and ask questions to understand how to create a successful event for you using The Irresistible Growth Enterprise. Please call either one at (781) 466-9500 or e-mail them.

People who have attended speeches and workshops using The Irresistible Growth Enterprise report rapid learning of the bookıs processes and uncovering valuable solutions that can be implemented immediately. Some companies report making more progress in the subsequent six months than in many normal years of prior successful efforts.

A wide variety of formats can be used to make the learning experience more effective to suit your needs.

Past participants have included hundreds of CEOs and senior officers from public and private companies of all sizes from the Fortune 500 to start-ups.

References for these engagements are available on request, as are audio tapes of a sample session. We also have a video tape you can view.

All speeches and workshops are provided by Don or Carol. They each have more than 25 years of experience in assisting executives to improve performance.

This experience has taught Don and Carol that executives and nonexecutives alike can almost always find outstanding solutions for their organizations after learning a better way to ask and answer questions about their key issues. Speeches and workshops are an excellent way to begin learning this improved way of thinking. Follow-up speeches and workshops can deepen the learning in important ways. Our goal is for you to take over the learning process for yourselves in your organization.