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Quotes - Advance Praise for The Irresistible Growth Enterprise

Read the review: "Taking Advantage of the 'Irresistible' Forces Affecting Us"

-- William F. Mahoney
Investor Relations Update

"Change is an inevitable consequence of staying in business these days. This book leads you to an understanding of the drivers of that change and provides guidance in turning change into sustainable competitive advantage."

-- Michael J. Birck
Chairman and CEO, Tellabs

"This remarkable resource will enable you to move rapidly ahead of competitors by utilizing powerful trends to best advantage."

-- Jerre L. Stead
former Chairman and CEO, Ingram Micro and coauthor of Soaring With The Phoenix

"This is a useful book for those of us trying to grow small companies in the face of unrelenting challenges. It goes beyond a description of the issues and another set of problem-solving techniques to provide an integrated approach to using the irresistible forces in the business environment to our advantage.

As CEOs we need to have a holistic view of our business and our markets. We need to see the system. I found 'The Irresistible Growth Enterprise" helpful and I am recommending it to the other CEOs in my peer groups."

-- Loren Carlson.
"CEO, North Andover, Massachusetts"

"In our industrial gas business, the major challenges ahead include currency fluctuations, volatile local economies around the globe, and changed customer needs. These factors can quickly turn prosperity into problems and vice versa. The Irresistible Growth Enterprise defines the flexibility one needs to turn all of these uncontrollable events to advantage."

-- H. W. Lichtenberger
Chairman, Praxair

"The greatest business opportunity in my career presented itself as a market collapse. Things worked out well, but a lot of pioneering was involved. Today, executives encountering such circumstances have help available -- in the form of Don Mitchell's and Carol Coles's, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise. This book tells how to turn negatives into positive and to take advantage of changing trends, whether up or down."

-- Norman R. Augustine
Chairman of the Executive Committee, Lockheed Martin and author of Augustine's Laws

"Learning to be flexible is one of management's toughest challenges. The Irresistible Growth Enterprise shows you how to become adroit and energized by unexpected changes. As a result, you should be albe to always be at your best."

-- Alan G. Hassenfeld
Chairman and CEO, Hasbro

"The route to value creation often comes through the seeming roadblocks of change. Don Mitchell and Carol Coles share many insights on how to make the most -- and best -- out of trouble."

-- Glenn Schaeffer
President, Mandalay Resort Group

"Every executive is interested in the subject of what it takes to achieve business breakthroughs. Don Mitchell and Carol Coles have impressive consulting and research credentials for examining this subject. Their new book effectively presents both the fundamental concepts and practical strategies for taking irresistible forces and making them work for you as your tailwinds for success."

-- Robert H. Rock
Chairman, Directors & Boards