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Excerpts - The Irresistible Growth Enterprise

"This remarkable resource will enable you to move rapidly ahead of competitors by utilizing powerful trends to best advantage."

-- Jerre L. Stead
former Chairman and CEO, Ingram Micro and coauthor of Soaring With The Phoenix


Introduction: The Missing Element

Part One
Irresistible Force Stalls: Causes and Solutions

Chapter 1: The Light at the End of the Tunnel
    Key Concepts
Chapter 2: "What's Going on Here?"- Lack of Understanding Can Cause Inappropriate Actions or Inaction
    Irresistible Force Stalls and Their Causes
Chapter 3: "Where Are We Going, and How Do We Get There?"
    The Directionless Stall
Chapter 4: "But That's Not the Way I Thought It Would Be!"
    The Wishful Thinking Stall
Chapter 5: "What Do We Do Now?"
    The Helplessness Stall
Chapter 6: "Circle the Wagons!"
    The Defensiveness Stall
Chapter 7: "We Can Do It All!"
    The Independence Stall
Chapter 8: "How Can We Miss?"
    The Overoptimism Stall
Chapter 9: "Throw Me a Towel"
    The Cover-Up Stall
Chapter 10: "Let's Take a Chance!"
    The Underestimation Stall

Part Two
The Irresistible Force Management Process

Chapter 11: Keep the Tape Measure Handy
    Step One: Recognize How Measurements Can Help Your Company Identify and Understand More About Irresistible Force
Chapter 12: Use Measurements to Prepare for Altering the Pattern to Fit You
    Step Two: Use Your Own Leading Indicators to Anticipate Shifts in Irresistible Forces
Chapter 13: Think Ahead to Pin Down the Right Success Pattern
    Step Three: Identify the Future Best Practices for Locating, Anticipating, and Adapting to Changes in Irresistible Forces
Chapter 14: Weave the Thread of Success Into Your Fabric
    Step Four: Extend Your Vision to Identify Best Practices Beyond Anyone Else in the Future
Chapter 15: Create the Perfect Pattern
    Step Five: Identify the Ideal Best Practice for Benefiting from Changes in Irresistible Forces
Chapter 16: Go for a Perfect Fit
    Step Six: Determine How Your Organization Should Approach Ideal Best Practices for Locating, Anticipating and Adapting to Your Irresistible Forces
Chapter 17: Assemble a Tailor-Made Team
    Step Seven: Enhance Your Peoples' Ability to Achieve the Benefits of Irresistible Force Management
Chapter 18: Continually Check Out the Newest Fashions
    Step Eight: Repeat Steps One Through Seven for Improved Effectiveness in Using Irresistible Force Management

Epilogue: Embrace the Forces
    Why You Should Seek Out Irresistible Forces and How to Start Taking Action Now
Appendix 1: Personal Irresistible Force Management Lessons
Appendix 2: Internet Irresistible Force Lessons